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In order to provide a seamless design experience, we firmly believe the process is just as important as the result. Whether the project scope is just a few hours of consultation or a full-service design, we're proud of our meticulous approach ensuring you know exactly what to expect at every stage.

1. Project Briefing

After an initial phone conversation, we'll typically set a date for an up to 90-minute in-home discovery meeting. During this time, we'll get to know more about your style, priorities, needs, what's working and what's not. To help us prepare, we ask you to provide us with some of your favorite inspiration images prior to the meeting. There is no fee for this meeting but we should all be ready to dig into specifics including:



Baseline measurements

Possible color schemes

Scope of project

2. Design Development

Once the agreement is signed, we officially become a team and get right to work. Depending on your project requirements, we'll begin to prepare for the presentation which may encompass creating a concept board, doing research, developing a floor plan and curating proposed selections. We provide itemized room lists so you have a realistic idea of how your budget could be allocated as well as a working timeline for project completion. A date for the presentation will be decided where we'll review the following:

Concept board


Space plan


Proposed selections

3. Installation

Much of what transpires during the procurement phase leading up to install day isn't very sexy, but it's critical to project success. Behind the scenes, we become non-stop maestros of minutiae; ordering, expediting and receiving items on your behalf. Next, the part we live for. We'll choose an installation date when you'll finally see your project come together! We coordinate all the moving parts with vendors and the rest of our team and hustle to make sure your project is implemented according to plan. Items to discuss right before, during or immediately after this phase might include:

Final checklists



Curating accessories